How to use PickWish to get supplies for your classroom

Start your wish list

Welcome to PickWish! Let's get you started:

Your profile

This is your public profile that your friends and family will see. You can edit any of your profile information in your settings.

  • 1 Get supporters. This number goes up anytime someone sends supplies, shares, or subscribes to your profile.
  • 2 All your items will appear down here for supporters to browse.

Your dashboard

This is where you can manage your list.

  • 1 Add a new item here.
  • 2 Make sure to share your list with friends and family.
  • 3 New order notifications will appear up here.
You can rearrange items on your list by clicking and dragging.

Viewing an order

The order page is where you can view tracking numbers, and other information about an order.

  • 1 Once an order is received, you can write a personal thank you note to the supporter.

That's it!

Thanks for letting us show you around. Have fun using PickWish!