Frequently asked questions


What schools can participate?

Any school, public or private, is welcome to participate.

Why does PickWish only accept Amazon products?

The primary reason we want only Amazon products is to keep the ordering process as easy as possible. This way supporters don't have to checkout from multiple retailers, and they don't have to create a whole new account on PickWish.

What makes this different from any other crowd funding site?

Simply put, PickWish gives the teachers the tools they need to get the supplies they want without any extra hassle. Instead of trying to get funded by a deadline before even getting supplies, we let teachers update their list whenever they want, and we let supporters pick what they want to send directly to the school.

What does it cost? Does PickWish charge a fee?

PickWish is completely free, and we don't hide any fees. Part of the reason we only accept Amazon products is to keep this service simple so we can continue to offer a quality platform teachers can use for free.


Can I have items shipped to a location other than my school?

Yes, you can specify a custom address in your settings. Please only use this if it's necessary and you can't have items shipped to your school. The custom address you put in will be public, so please keep that in mind.

I received an order notification on PickWish but I never got a package.

It's possible that the order was placed by mistake, please cancel the order and the items will be placed back onto your list.

I need to change my school.

You can change which school you're associated with in your settings page.

The address listed for my school is not correct.

Please contact us and let us know.

I would like my profile to be kept private and hidden from search results on PickWish.

You can change your privacy settings in your account settings.


Do I have to have an account to help?

Nope! Supporters do not need to set up an account to send supplies to a teacher. You will only need to have a valid Amazon account for payment and shipping.

How do I know a teacher has gotten my package?

Once a teacher receives your package, they will mark it as received on the order page.

How do I find my order page?

Click "Find order" at the top of the page. Type in your exact order number and you will be taken to the order page.

I lost my order number.

Please contact us and we will try our best to help you find it again.

How do I know when a teacher has written me a thank you note?

If you have not already subscribed to the order, then check back later on the order page to see if there is a thank you note.